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General guidelines and application for filming in Sri Lanka by foreign nationals


A) The National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka (NFC) is the main competent authority to grant permission for filming in Sri Lanka by foreign nationals. The following rules and regulations are stipulated by the NFC for this purpose. All foreign nationals who wish to engage in professional filming in Sri Lanka should go through the process below.

B) By signing this document, the signing party accepts to abide by Sri Lankan laws and regulations, particularly those relating to granting permission to film in Sri Lanka. NFC as the main competent authority on filming by foreign nationals, has the right to approve, reject, inspect, observe and/or decide on all filming related projects of foreign nationals in Sri Lanka.

C) The filming process and final production shall not adversely affect national security, public order, religious and communal harmony, environment, culture and dignity of Sri Lanka. The filming shall also be free from pornography, violence, direct or indirect marketing of dangerous drugs, alcohol or tobacco, children, women or animal abuse, impinge religious and cultural beliefs of the people of Sri Lanka or any other country.


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