Biometrics Instructions

Immigration Circular No: DIE/OM/CIR/2017/01 Date:
To Heads of all Sri Lankan Missions
Re: Collection of Biometrics from Passport Applicants Applying Through Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions
1. As provided in the Sri Lanka Immigrants and Emigrants Act No.20 of 1948, as amended by Act
No. 07 of 2015, the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DIE) introduced mandatory
collection of biometrics (fingerprints and digital face image) from passport applicants applying in
Sri Lanka on 15 August 2015.
2. It has been decided to extend the above requirement to include applicants applying for
passports through Sri Lanka Overseas Missions with effect from 01 January 2018. Following this
decision, each individual aged between 16 - 60 years applying for Sri Lanka passport through Sri
Lankan Diplomatic Missions (SDM) overseas, on or after 01 January 2018, will mandatorily be
required to provide biometric data (fingerprint and digital face image) to the Department of
Immigration and Emigration upon his/her first entry to Sri Lanka. The departure from Sri Lanka
will only be allowed upon completion of this requirement.

3. Additional procedures to be followed at SDM:
a. Passport Application Form (Form ‘K’- I. M. 35) has been revised to include a Client
Undertaking Section (CUS - section 20). This section has to be signed by the applicant.
No application should be accepted without applicant’s signature in CUS. Revised Form is
attached as Annex A (also available online).
b. Every applicant should be issued a special Instruction Note at the point of handing over
the passport which explains procedures to be followed. Instruction Note is attached as
Annex B.
c. Recommend to update each Mission’s website accordingly.
d. Hard copies of revised Passport Application Form (Form ‘K’- I. M. 35) will be dispatched
to all Sri Lankan Diplomatic Missions through relevant diplomatic channels.

4. Additional Procedures at the Port of entry to Sri Lanka:
a. Upon the first arrival in Sri Lanka, passenger can either report directly to the Chief
Immigration Officer (CIO) at the port of entry, or should be referred to the CIO, who will
issue a system generated Biometric Data Acquisition (BDA) form with a unique
reference number, along with a guidance note. Each passenger is required to sign the
BDA form in two copies, one of which will be given to the passenger to be produced at
the Department at the time of biometrics enrolment. There are no facilities at port of
departure to provide biometrics. BDA form is attached as Annex C

5. Additional Procedures after entering Sri Lanka:
a. Passenger should report to the Department Head Office in Battaramulla, or any of its
branch offices in person to provide biometrics. A special counter at the Overseas
Mission (OM) division will be arranged for this purpose. No payment will be required.

b. To avoid delays, passengers are encouraged to reserve date and time through the online
appointment scheduling system found in the Department website.
c. Upon providing biometrics, Department will issue a system generated receipt to confirm
completion of biometrics acquisition process, and border control system will be updated
to allow the passenger departure. The estimated time of completion of the biometric
enrollment process is 45 minutes.
d. Biometric enrolment process will not include any changes to the passport of the passenger.

6. You are kindly requested to advice and disseminate the new procedures as widely as possible to
Sri Lankans in the country of your accreditation to ensure smooth implementation of new

7. Further clarification on new procedures can be obtained from the Deputy/Assistant Controller
(Overseas Mission Division.)
Tel: +94 11 5329230, Mobile: +94 77 3499085 Fax: +94 11 2879213 Email:

8. Your earnest compliance and cooperation in full implementation of said procedures are highly

M. N. Ranasinghe
Controller General
Department of Immigration and Emigration
Copy: Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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