ambassidorIt is with much pleasure that I send this message to all local and international visitors to the official website of the Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia.

The diplomatic ties between our two countries have grown from strength to strength since the establishment of the Embassy in the 1981. Now dawns a new era that necessitates elevating relationship to the next levels for the mutual benefit of the people of our two countries.
I accepted the role of the 13th Ambassador to the Kingdom with a view of continuing the legacy of my late father; the 1st Ambassador to the Kingdom and to elevate the relationship between our two countries at this vital juncture. I assumed this endeavor as a personal challenge having being exposed to similar challenges in both the business and corporate world as I hail from the business community of Sri Lanka having served Chambers and Business Councils both at National and Regional levels

This endeavor cannot be achieved by a single individual and hence I have rallied my team in the Embassy, Sri Lankan Community Leaders and Professionals in Kingdom to collective pursue an ambitious goal titled “Vision 2020” encompassing Diplomatic Relations, Investment, Trade, Tourism and Employment etc.

Sri Lanka is one of the leading investor friendly destinations in South Asia with periods of relative economic and political stability facilitating investors through one-stop-shop services, flexible repatriation of profits and capital backed by a business and investorcentered government attracting sizable Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the country.
Sri Lanka is a paradise, boasting an alluring environment for holidays. There are beaches, wildlife, ancient cultural sites and a lot more for people to see in Sri Lanka with a friendly and caring local community. Weather is almost always pleasant with the added advantage of new upmarket hotels. There has been a recent upsurge in the tourist from the Kingdom visiting Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government has initiated new projects to build highways and roads infrastructure on priority to facilitate tourism and the capital, Colombo, is a now a neat, clean and serene city.

The literacy rate of Sri Lankans exceeds 92% of the population, higher than that is expected for a developing world country, the highest in South Asia and one of the highest literacy rates in Asia whilst being a leading supply source of Human Resources to the kingdom. High-level of attention and investment has been made to upskill and upgrade the Human Resources in the country to be create employability for Sri Lankans in the Skilled, Vocational, Technical and Professional categories.
The website seeks to provide essential information about the services and activities of the embassy to both the clients, investors, tourists, employers, local community and the international community at large.

HE Azmi Thassim

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